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    Superheroes on happy wheels
    Superheroes on happy wheels
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    Superheroes on happy wheels

    Super heroes on bicycles and motorcycles are cool is not it?We will answer you yes, right now you can download the game for free on android, and start performing various tasks, choose a super hero, be it a hulk, or a spider man, choose a bike or motorcycle, a bike.Pass various obstacles, crash, perform tricks in general, do everything so that to knock down your superhero from the bike.In the game you are waiting for several kinds of motorcycles and bicycles, and various springboards and obstacles, an iron man should be ready for this? But there is no one who is not ready for such believe. This game is just as interesting as the guts and glory, but it has something more, and these are superheroes against superheroes, against you and your transport.The game is fully made in 3d and well optimized for various devices.Features:Fascinating and fun gameplayChoice of your favorite superheroThe choice of transport, motorcycles and bicyclesThis is a real motorcycle racing simulator with physics regdol.Good game!

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