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    VR Space Exploration Pack
    VR Space Exploration Pack
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    VR Space Exploration Pack

    VR Space Exploration Pack is a container for high-quality space themed thrill rides and roller-coaster rides.

    Deep Space Exploration
    Explore mystic space and travel through wormholes that will lead you to other solar systems.

    Moon Explorer
    Walk on the surface of the Moon and enjoy the view of our green planet Earth.

    Solar System Roller Coaster
    Enjoy a solar roller coaster ride between planets and asteroids.

    Mars Roller Coaster
    Ever wonder how it feels to walk on Mars? Enjoy a train ride on the surface of this red planet and try not to scare Martians out there.

    If you like our VR universe game, please give it a rate and a review. Space discovery has never been so fun.

    This game requires Google Cardboard VR viewer or Cardboard based VR glasses.
    For more information on Android-based Virtual Reality and Google Cardboard VR check:

     VR Space Exploration Pack appcom.romale.space.exploration.pack?from=spi-desc

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